Papa Tama (Father, son)

Programme Concepts and Content:

This programme was developed in partnership with the Methodist Mission that focuses on the lifestyle, relationships and behavioural effects between a father and his son or the equivalent, dependent on that whanau dynamic. It also focuses on the importance of wahine in our lives and explores the participant's current roles and responsibilities within the whanau dynamic and the roles and responsibilities of others.

The Papa Tama programme offers a culturally responsive programme for Maori to consider Maori culture as a pathway for solutions to:

Introduce and explore further self-awareness
Knowledge around who they are and where they come from
Improving relationships
Address the underlying causes of negative lifestyle choices
Develop positive goals for the future
Enhancing their lives


This programme is delivered on the tranquil setting of Otakou marae that is situated at the harbour entry on our very own Otago Peninsula. The participants and their supporting facilitators will stay noho for two nights, three days enjoying nutritious, healthy kai, exercise, positive social interactions, within a calm, safe and controlled environment. We have awesome qualified child caregivers on the marae to entertain and learn through play during those times that adult sessions are taking place.
To find out if the Papa Tama course is right for you or someone you know, please contact us