New non-violence programme, Tu te Ngakau, Tu te Tangata

A3K has launched and are delivering a non violence programme for Māori respondents this year. We are delighted to announce that Terry Monga has joined our team to assist our delivery from within the Mauri Hauora model and we welcome Terry into the whanau that is A3K. There is much research out there around violence and its effects however one paper stands out for me which can be found here, if you wish to read the whole paper. There are points that I want to share in brief here though: 

Māori, like other indigenous populations, are over-represented in family violence statistics as both victims and perpetrators. Family violence within Māori populations has recently been described as an ‘epidemic’, with calls to all those involved to commit to supporting eliminating family violence through culturally responsive initiatives and programmes that restore whānau and communities.

There are risk factors for children being exposed to family violence and the intergenerational cycles of violence. The attainment of Māori family well-being (whānau ora) will be made more difficult by these risk factors. However they do not predetermine violence in all cases. It is important to note that the majority of Māori children and young people are not maltreated but are loved and nurtured.

Tikanga is the practice of Māori customs and processes founded in a Māori worldview ... Tikanga embodies Māori values and prescribes acceptable and unacceptable behaviours from a specifically Māori value base ... The application of tikanga provides the opportunity for the restoration of order, grace and mana to whānau, hapū and iwi”

“The relationship between mana wahine and mana tane is about complimentarity (sic) and reciprocity. For example, strictly speaking, a man cannot go onto a marae without a woman, and a woman cannot go onto a marae without a man, simply because of the complimentary roles that men and women play in the ritual of encounter on our marae. Te kawa o te marae embraces and upholds both mana wahine and mana tane”

A3K I striving towards supporting our people to achive Mauri Hauora excellence.  We are excited and incredibly motivated to deliver a programme that meets that goal of excellence for our people.  We continue to test, review, question and challenge our own practise and delivery to ensure we remain servants to the goals set by ourselves, our hapu and our iwi.

Mauri ora!