From the Kaihautu - May 2015

Our focus this year has been around Project Kete, non-violence programmes and working with our professional development clients. We have delivered some fantastic wananga to some amazing people this quarter. Mirror Counselling staff were a stand out for us – what a fantastic bunch of very cool professional dedicated kaimahi! My congratualtions go to Debbie Fraser and her team at Mirror that work in such an important corner of our community – our kids. 

We have just completed another successful wananga, this time with Dunedin Police. You may have heard of the Turning of the Tide strategy that the Police work from. This is an invaluable strategy and A3K are proud to be supporting the Police to ensure the outcomes of that strategy are met.

Both these organisations are committed to working more effectively with and for Māori and this is demonstrated throughout the time we are planning and delivering our professional services to them.  Kia kaha.  Your mahi is hard, your commitment is genuine and your heart beats on your sleeve.

A3K have stepped even closer into the Family Violence world. We will be delivering Tu te Tangata on behalf of the Ministry of Justice as part of their non-violence programmes. Only Māori will be referred to our service and we look forward to strengthening our relationship with Cinnamon and her team at Stopping Violence Dunedin as we together work towards improving the statistics in this horrific area of our community.

There is a little more on that within this panui but of worthy mention is to welcome Terry Monga and his whanau to the A3K team who will be joining our delivery team to build on that Mauri Hauora excellence.

We look forward now to spring approaching and put this freezing winter behind us!